We sent a questionnaire to Zelda’s family to learn a little bit more.

Age: ~4 years old

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

When and how did you first meet? Zelda and I first met at the Whatcom Humane Society. I stopped by to meet the cats, feeling ready to adopt but unsure if I would find the ‘right’ cat for me. I read all of the bios, and was intrigued by the description of her disability, called cerebellar hypoplasia. I tried interacting with her in her little kennel, but she perched on the top shelf looking uncomfortable, unwilling to interact with me. After reading the other cats’ bios, and still feeling intrigued by her, I requested to get to know her in one of the introduction rooms. Within minutes of being in the room with me, she was playing oh-so-adorably. Before long, she jumped up into my lap and fell asleep. We fell in love, and the rest is history!

What special tricks does Zelda do? She is the BEST cuddler. You can be sitting or lying in any position, and within minutes of her tripping over herself and you, she will be comfortably nestled. Cuddling is her all-time favorite hobby!

What she mean to you? Zelda is my daily inspiration. Even with her disability, which causes her great difficulty getting around, jumping, and climbing, she perseveres and NEVER gives up. Even now that we are battling a nasty bone infection, she takes her meds with grace (four times a day via feeding tube!) and never stops loving on me. She’s one of the happiest and most loving creatures I’ve ever met, and I am so thankful for her and her resilience.

Why is Zelda the best? Zelda is pure love. If there are angels, she is one of them. She cuddles me anytime I need it, demands cuddles and kisses whenever she needs them, and makes me smile every single day.

Anything else you would like to share? I’m getting a tattoo of Zelda next week, to remind me to always be loving and resilient — even after she’s gone. Zelda forever!

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