Northshore Veterinary Hospital is excited to share our newest service with our clients and support the health and wellbeing of our patients.  With our most recent addition of an Underwater Treadmill system, our staff cannot wait to share the many benefits offered using this state-of-art equipment.

Hydrotherapy treatment benefits chronic conditions, pre-operative and post-operative recovery, and general fitness.  It also is extremely beneficial for pets in their senior years and used for pets who may benefit with a weight control program.

Therapeutic effects on body tissues through Hydrotherapy

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of swelling and stiffness
  • Alleviation of muscle spasms
  • Improved circulation
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased tissue healing
  • Increased speed of recovery
  • Cardiovascular fitness

The buoyancy of the water assists in a low impact but high intensity work out. This is especially important in cases of patients who may be recovering.  With your pet’s comfort and ultimate outcome in mind, our technicians will adjust the many features of the underwater treadmill unit.  The depth of water will be determined on your pet’s height, the water temperature will be comfortable, and the treadmill speed will be set based on condition or recommended guidelines with improvement and endurance in mind.  Each visit, our technician will review your pet’s visit and adjust the speed and length of exercise based on how your pet did last time.  When your pet is ready, the units jets can be turned on which will increase the resistance.

A form of Physical Rehabilitation, the use of Hydrotherapy can be an alternative or complimentary option in helping your pet improve overall function.  Hydrotherapy can also help speed recovery after an operation or slow the progression of degenerative conditions.  When your pet requires surgery, pre-operative hydrotherapy can help your pet maintain condition when they cannot otherwise exercise.  The support of water assists in improving muscle tone and promotion of tissue repair.  The buoyancy of the water helps eliminate undue stress on damaged tissues and increases circulation.

The lack of muscle use for three days allows the muscle to begin wasting away.  To prevent further weakness or injury, it is important to maintain and rebuild those muscles through safe exercise.  Hydrotherapy is a natural way to reduce swelling.

Geriatric patients especially can benefit with increased range of movement.  When there is a decrease in range of motion, often pets show signs of stiffness, swelling, and increased pain.  The underwater treadmill helps increase their flexion and extension when in the water.

Your veterinarian team can suggest the best combinations of therapy and/or medications in the best interest of your pet.

Hydrotherapy can be used as part of a general fitness routine for dogs.  If weather is keeping you and your dog indoors, schedule a Winter Walk for your pooch.  It’s a great alternative when dogs need exercise and the pet owner in unable to endure a walk themselves.

For additional information or to discuss a Hydrotherapy package that is most suitable for your pet, please give us a call.

Happy Dog in water treadmill receiving hydrotherapy

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