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We consider the entire team at Northshore an extension of our family. Our pitbull Otis has been cared for at Northshore for over 5 years and no matter what the procedure he’s always excited to walk in the door. He’s greeted by the front desk team like a rockstar and receives the very best care with Dr. Coyne and Dr. Barron.

Stephanie Peterson

We really could not be more pleased with everyone at Northshore Vet. I have used them ever since getting my first pet and having them very highly recommended by a friend. I feel so welcome there and like everyone truly loves and cares about my pets. The boys already knew Lizzie and Emily from Tails so they always have a positive reaction. Everyone is so great, Danielle and Heather, and I’m sure it goes without saying that Jan is exceptional with all the animals. It is a huge relief to me that I have a clinic I can feel total confidence in. I know my boys are receiving the best care, I have never once been less than fully satisfied with the services.

We have had hydrotherapy with both Caitlin and Haley as well, as my Pomeranian Julius recovers from his bilateral knee surgery. It’s been especially nice with this cold freezing weather to be able to still accomplish so much rehab for him. To my knowledge it’s the only hydro available in town and so that’s very convenient for us. I have seen incredible improvement from him and I’m sure a big part of it is the introduction of the hydro. He also did some PT with Caitlin which was really excellent.

I just can’t say enough good things about everyone at North Shore Vet. My pomchi Chef is turning 10 this year and I have never taken him anywhere else, and I never would. For ten years we have been fortunate enough to receive the best care from the entire team who I can only describe as loving and caring. It’s really my pleasure to give you this feedback and I hope some part of it is useful. I will continue to refer everyone I know to you guys.

Amy Henderson

Sammy is a 3 year old Heeler/Rhodesian Ridge-back mix. Before Sammy’s first cruciate tear, Sammy could run long runs of up to 25 miles, dock jump, frisbee, tennis balls, rabbits, anything that is fast. Muscle bound, athletic and full of endless energy. Most of all, the ABSOLUTE best thing that has ever happened to me. My pride and joy.

Sammy started struggling to get up from laying down and just was not himself in October of 2016. After taking him to our vet, the determination was made that we were dealing with an iliopsoas tear. We were told of the various treatments and advised to start with swimming. We backed off of all land movements and began swimming. After months of just a little improvement, we needed a different approach. We started working on the treadmill and Sammy loved the work of the treadmill.

Feb 22nd of 17, our nightmare got more real. Sammy tore his cruciate completely. Off to TPLO surgery we went. Once we were cleared to start walking our rehabilitation therapist said we could start our strengthening program on the treadmill. Caitlin’s total focus on the patient and her encouragement when they get distracted or tired was amazing. Her attentiveness and willingness to listen to my stories which she has probably heard from a million other dog moms was what kept me going. Dog rehabilitation is so hard. My story has a “times 2” as we did it twice. Sammy tore his left a week after we healed the right. As I write this, Sammy will be back to full recovery in 2 days. We have used the treadmill 2 times per week and done laser therapy two times per week and it is the reason Sammy is healed and back to almost full strength. Without it, we would have so far to go and without Caitlin, I wouldn’t have mentally made it through. She has been my absolute savior. Listening, encouraging, suggesting and just helping the dog mom AND the dog through this most difficult time.

Thank you Northshore, Caitlin and the Underwater Treadmill for giving me my joy back.

Check out Sammy’s blog!

Shawna Tompkins

I’ve been a regular patient of Dr. Barron’s since I came to live with my “peeps” Mom and Dad more than seven years ago.

Please, allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a 13 1/2 year old Silver Schnauzer and in pretty good shape, thanks in part to the wonderful care I’ve received at Northshore.  You see, I was already a mature lady of six years old (and quite overweight) when I came out of rescue to live with Mom and Dad.  So thanks to a proper diet by Mom, lots of exercise by Dad, kind, loving, and consistent rules, comfortable living conditions, and great medical care by everyone at Northshore Veterinary Hospital, I am doing very well as a senior citizen.

Many happy tail wags to you always,


Our family has been trusting Northshore Vet with our animals since Dr. Kim Barron opened her practice well over 20 years ago.  We have been so pleased with the attention, expertise, and care given to us by Dr. Barron and her co-workers. We love the friendly and helpful reception team, the capable and communicative techs, and the highly competent veterinarians so much that we are continually referring other pet owners to the clinic. We are so grateful to have our pets cared for in such a whole team, loving manner. Thank you, Northshore Vet!!!

Fred and Anne Wicknick


Hi, my name is Winston. I’m an OES, who came to Phyllis and Ray via the OESROWS group.  Apparently I came with the gift of passing a room-clearing gas cloud.

I go everywhere with Ray and especially enjoy being a member of the Monday evening men’s bible study at church. After greeting all my friends and getting a drink I’ll lie down and snooze.  However, I used to have this problem of passing gas in the evening.  Pastor Bob says I am the “nuclear option” and the envy of every eighth grade boy.

Ray says that in addition to burning eyes and stinking up the place, my gas would peel paint and stain tile, whatever that means. He also found my gas attacks overpowering at home in the evenings.  So he tried sprinkling probiotics on my food but nothing changed for my family or friends.

One day Ray went to the vet’s office and asked the nice woman (Danielle) at the desk if there was a K-9 “Beano” whatever that is. She said to have me checked for a Giardia infection, and if that was not the issue to try OPTA GEST, which she gives to her dog.  The test must have showed that I didn’t have Giardia, because Ray got me some of this OPTA GEST powder to sprinkle on my food.  Food still tastes OK and after a few weeks my gut feels better and I don’t hear any complaining about awful gas attacks.  That powder must work because the guys are glad to see me again.

NOTE: OPTA GEST is a prebiotic made from chicory root and some other plants to aid digestion.  In addition to curing Winston’s gas, his stools are much firmer and easy to pick up.  That feature made it easy for me (Ray) to clean up after Winston’s only indoor accident at the Sheriff’s Work Center one morning when we were visiting our jail deputy friends.

Submitted by Ray Baribeau

Winston’s Driver and long-time OES lover

What a lovely group of ladies working at Northshore Veterinary Hospital!After recently moving to Washington, Bellingham, with no Veterinary Doctor in place yet I had to take my 14yr old Yorkie into Emergency Vet services, who then transferred her over to Northshore.

They welcomed us in on very short notice and did everything they could to save my baby girl.

Thank you Dr Cook for being so gentle & kind during a very difficult time.

I am grateful I now have a place I trust to bring my other healthy Terrier mix rescue, Teddy boy for his check ups & cleanings.

Thanks again for being there for me Northshore ladies You rock!!

New Customer For sure,
Maxine Louis.

We’ve been bringing our large family of furries to Northshore for seventeen years. We always know that our animals will receive the utmost care and compassion, and that we will too. Having several adopted pets with chronic health issues, we especially appreciate the access to alternative treatments such as hydrotherapy, laser, and acupuncture. The staff have become friends and always know me when I call. Furthermore they always find room when there is an emergency. I can’t recommend them enough!

Andrea Gabriel

We are extremely happy that Northshore Vet Hospital added the water treadmill as an option for after surgery care. Our Newfoundland, Selkie, recently had hip surgery and has been having weekly treadmill sessions to speed her recovery. Caitlin has been managing Selkie’s therapy and is very knowledgeable about the equipment and in assessing Selkie’s progress. Selkie has successfully recovered from her recent surgery, due largely to having the treadmill equipment available. We would highly recommend utilizing the water treadmill for any dog who has had skeletal surgery, any dog suffering from arthritis or any dog that is overweight.

Ann Rushing & Karl Kuntz

When moving to a new community it can be difficult choosing a Vet.  You  don’t want just anyone…you want someone who is caring and compassionate and who also has great respect for your concerns about the health of your animals.  And most important, you want a Vet you feel you can truly trust.  Several years ago I asked friends who obviously care as much about their dogs as I do mine and found Northshore Veterinary Hospital was at the top of their list.  I discovered they were right on since everyone I have met there is friendly and extremely helpful, whether it be a receptionist, Vet tech or my “very own” wonderful Vet!   I appreciate having a Vet who listens, asks questions, makes good, sound suggestions, and at the same time gets a real kick out of getting on the floor and having a moment of play with my active, joyful new puppy or who quietly bends down to give my lovely older dog a big warm hug.  I feel fortunate to have found the folks at Northshore!

Sue Costley

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