In addition to getting a good look at the digestive system endoscopy also allows the veterinarian to take samples, including biopsies.

dog receiving acupuncture

To assist in diagnosis, endoscopy is a means of diagnosing a disease or ailment without the need for surgery. This procedure involves the use of a camera that is attached to a long tube and enables us to take a live video of certain areas of your animal’s body.

An added feature of endoscopy is its use to acquire biopsies of tissue. A major benefit of endoscopy is its non-invasive option to allow visual examination of the esophagus, stomach, and upper intestines and its efficiency in reaching a diagnosis, sometimes eliminating surgical intervention.

Another benefit of the endoscope is using it to retrieve foreign objects from a pet’s stomach or esophagus. When a pet has eaten something they should not have, the use of the endoscope can help to avoid the risk of a foreign object in becoming lodged in the pet’s intestines and even reduce the need for an invasive surgery and certainly eliminating recovery time.

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