“I’m a very active pug, with a sense of entitlement for food, belly rubs, laying in the sun, sleeping by heaters, and visiting neighbors. My talent lies in knowing when someone needs a pug to hold and offering myself. I smell like almonds.

I’ve had more than my share of medical emergencies lately but I’ve never stopped loving my veterinary hospital friends.”

Rosie and Moby both attest to the success of pet adoption and promote Pacific Pug Rescue, www/pacificpugrescue.org.

Pet’s Name and nicknames: Rosie, AKA Rosie-Posie, Wosie, Little Princess, Rosie the Rock-Pug

Pets Age: 12

Pet’s Breed: Chinese Pug

What is your favorite thing to do together? She lays on a tarp in the sun while I fill it with weeds.

When and how did you first meet? I heard she had been given up to a local veterinary clinic. I met Kim Jensen, DMV and then Rosie. She was a shy 1 yr old who was reluctant to go out of the house! She was/is a lovely little girl.

What special tricks does your pet do? She just learned “High Five”!

What does your pet mean to you? Rosie has taught me to focus with mind and heart on what her body language is saying and assess her status often and from many angles. She gives me comfort and affection without condition, and she deserves the same.

Why is your pet the best? Rosie picks a person out of a crowd who needs comfort and offers herself. She has only kindness (with a touch of food compulsion). And she is a survivor!

What is the funniest memory involving your pet? We walk to our neighbor’s before dinner some days. Rosie determined this must be a daily habit and has run there, totally ignoring voice commands or (occasionally) in secret!.

Anything else you would like to share? Pugs snore, eat ravenously, guilt you into snacks, demand lap time, and absorb heat until near baking. They give back comfort, little kisses, warmth (if there is some to spare), excited greetings, and so much trust. Adopt a pug and you may lose your heart too. www/pacificpug rescue.org

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