Nominated by our team, we’d like to congratulate “Percy” Lenz on being our Pet of the Month.  Enjoy a bit about “Percy” provided by his owners:

Pet’s Name: Percy Lenz

Pet’s Age: 16 yr

Pet’s Breed: Chihuahua

When and how did you first meet?  I was volunteering at the Whatcom Humane Society when I saw Percy, who was about 5 weeks old at the time, in a kennel. Animal Control had rescued him from being abandoned, left in a card board box at a bus stop. He was so tiny (about 1 lb.) the staff had him in a cat kennel to keep him safe. When I saw him he was play bowing at a piece of his poop! He picked it up and tossed it in the air and bowed at it again. I knew right then, he was our dog.

What special tricks does your pet do?  When Percy was younger, we competed in Freestyle Competitions (Doggie Dancing), so he knows lots of tricks. Spin, shake, roll over, jump, bow, weave thru my legs, back up, wave, dance and so much more. Although we don’t compete anymore, when our song comes on (Conga, by Miami Sound Machine) he will get up on his own and come find me, we still dance together all the time.

Percy has been in several television and print commercials, spokes dog for a few toy and treat companies and has recently retired as the head of Canine Relations at Tails-A-Wagging Doggie Day Care.

What does your pet mean to you?  Percy means everything to us. A friend, a companion, our fur-kid. He would do anything for us and in return we would do anything he needed, ever.

Why is your pet the best?  We call Percy the gateway Chihuahua. He has influenced many people and their conceptions of little dogs. He is so social and loving to all people and other animals that you can’t help but to just want to say hi to him. Percy is one cool dog.


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