Licensed Veterinary Technician

Laura started her career in veterinary medicine as a kennel aid at 15 years old. She worked as a veterinary receptionist and veterinary assistant in a day practice before deciding to go to school to learn more about veterinary medicine. While Laura was attending Pierce College, she worked as a veterinary assistant for a large hospital in the emergency and neurology departments. She graduated in 2010 with her AAS in veterinary technology and headed to Bellingham for a summer-long wildlife internship. Once that was over, she started working full-time as a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) for Northshore. She has also done some relief work for Animal Emergency Care as well. In 2015, she travelled to Granada, Nicaragua to volunteer with a non-profit organization called World Vets.

Laura’s interests outside of work are hiking, photography, speech-language pathology and travel. Her favorite hiking buddy is her dog, Jack. She also has the sweetest, softest cat in the world, Mr. Lucky Rooney.

laura hunter

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