“My name is Jan and I am a receptionist at Northshore Vet.  I actually started out as a Registered Veterinary Technician, graduating from Carrington College in Sacramento, CA with an AAS in Veterinary Technology in 1992.  The first week of class, the instructor asked the class to raise their hands if they envisioned themselves playing with puppies and kittens all day.  Those 9 people dropped out by the end of the week when they discovered how much more the job would entail.  Because in order to work in any capacity at a vet hospital, and do it well, you must not simply love pets, you must enjoy working with the humans who are attached to them!”

“What has made that easier for all of us here is that we have a solid core of exceptional clients who are kind and caring and have the same goals for their pets as we do, which is the best care possible!”

“I lived all of the 80’s in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, where I became a certified scuba diver.  Have I dived here?  No.  To have to don a dry suit that makes you feel like a prehistoric creature, and then plunge into cold, murky waters where visibility is not measured in hundreds of feet does not hold the same appeal.  My adventurous nature has limits.  It’s called, “I’m too old for cold water”.”

“I consider myself proficient in a (yet to be recognized by any authority) second language.  It’s often referred to in general terms as “Baby Talk”.  It actually feels like my first language, since I seem to speak in baby talk naturally, without thinking.  It also comes in handy when an expert (actual baby) accompanies their pets to the vet.”

“I know sometimes the front lobby can seem like dizzying chaos, but don’t be intimidated!  We are frequently busy, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have time to help you!  We are also happy to make special accommodations for pets who are scared or overly anxious, along with other special needs such as mobility issues (pets and people).  We truly do strive for the same exceptional care for your pets as we do for our own.  After all, we are clients here, too.   And that motivates us to put ourselves in your shoes every day.  Stop by just to say hello anytime, and bring your dog(s) in for a treat or two.”

jan province

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