Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Jack made the move to Bellingham in 2008. Soon after his move, Jack landed himself at the Whatcom Humane Society where he lived for about a month before he chose a family to bring him home, that family was ours.

Jack’s name has evolved over time, he was already a Jack at the time of his adoption but as soon as he was comfortable exhibiting his wizardly ways we added Flash to the Jack. His big sister then fell so in love with him that she insisted he take on her last name- so Jack Flash Friday he became (rest in peace Birdie Lou Friday). And as we got to know him and his heart he needed a name that represented his sweetness, so Pony Boy it was. This all added up to our sweet Jack Flash Pony Boy Friday a.k.a, ZoonDoon, Bug, Jack, Peanut Butter Wolf, Budders, Jackatron, and Mr Baby (but don’t tell him I said so).

Jack spends his days hunting bugs, leaning in doorways (because he doesn’t like them closed), sunning himself and then cooling off in his clubhouse (our closet). He enjoys treat balls, dandelion roots and digging himself dens. He loves the beach, the woods, and spending time in the garden. He lives to harvest apples. I don’t know if there is a soul sweeter than Jack’s. He is a lover and he heals through his gentle ways.

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