Cricket was nominated by our staff as our Patient of the Month for November 2016.  Our team looks forward to visits with Cricket as she is the sweetest of patients.

“We adopted Cricket from Whatcom Humane in December of 2005.  I saw her on their website and went to visit (and fell in love of course!!).  They wouldn’t let me take her until we introduced her to our other dog Maya. I had to work all week and didn’t get off in time to go home to pick Maya up to bring her in for the introduction so I stopped by every night on my way home for a few minutes until they closed hoping they wouldn’t adopt her to someone else.  Before she lost her sight she could roll over, shake, sit up and dance but she can’t see the hand signals anymore.  Her best trick now is the cricket flop, her not so graceful way to lay down next to you that sometimes results in her nearly knocking the wind out of you! Cricket has been our family’s best friend for a long time now.  Always there to greet us when we come home and protect us from the squirrels in our back yard.  Cricket loves everyone and is always happy no matter what.”  Lisa Hawkins

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