NSVH recommends professional teeth cleanings annually. Just as humans, pet’s too benefit from regular dental cleanings and examinations especially since pets can’t speak for themselves and tell you when their teeth are in pain. It’s never too late to start an at home dental care plan. Starting at a young age is highly recommended but certainly better late than never applies here. Follow these steps daily to help reduce bacterial infections that can lead to other health problems down the road.

Step One:

Offer your pet toothpaste on your finger and simply let your pet lick it off. Repeat this daily until you pet looks forward to this new treat.

Step Two:

As you gently handle your pet’s mouth, lift the lips and rub the gums with your finger coated lightly with toothpaste on the cheek side. Once you and your pet are comfortable it’s time to move onto step number three.

Step Three:

It’s time to use a soft bristled toothbrush. Apply a small bit of pet toothpaste on the bristles and gently brush the teeth.

Step Four:

If your pet is motivated by rewards now is a great time to do so. There are many dental treats available.

NSVH is here for all your pet’s needs. Always feel free to reach out to our staff for advice.

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