This stuff is simply the best at picking up pet odors! If you don’t believe me, just check out this review lifted from Amazon:

“Anti Icky Poo is the best pet odor remover. Believe me, I had a dog who could never tell me when she needed to go and a cat who was marking her territory. I tried all the others. Anti Icky Poo works. The key is to give it contact with all areas that are affected. When my dog urinates on carpet, I pour Icky Poo directly on the spot, as large as the spot is, then pick that up with the carpet cleaner. It may smell until the area is dry, but the scent disappears. Go ahead and compare a treated versus an untreated area. Your nose will tell you which is which.

My cat peed all over my son’s backpack. This is a framed backpack for deep woods hiking, so no washing machine. We washed it as best we could by hand, but the odor wouldn’t come out. Anyone who owns cats knows cat urine odor can linger forever. I sprayed Icky Poo several times over so that it penetrated every fiber and left it outside to dry. It doesn’t smell like cat urine anymore. This spray will also remove the scent of feces (diarrhea) and vomit. Yep, I’ve used it on every organic smell my pets put out. It has never failed me.”

While the name is funny, it works like a charm. What’s better, is you can pick up your very own bottle in the lobby on your next visit to Northshore.

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