NSVH Safety

When it comes to our patients, we practice safety with every veterinary service we provide.

In addition to ensuring we provide an aesthetically safe environment for your pets, NSVH also takes many measures for your protection as well.  It is the responsibility of every staff member to follow our strict safety guidelines and policies.

bulldog in safety vest

Meet our Safety Officer

Sheri Bailey is our Safety Officer and of course a member of our Safety Committee.  Sheri takes pride in training our new hires and interns so they thoroughly understand our safety program. She also is responsible in making sure that we are following all state and federal guidelines.

Meet our Safety Committee

Our current members are Caitlin Bennett, Danielle Huff, Amy Santamarina, Kim Jensen, Sheri Bailey, and Tami Schorno.

As a practice who has received their AAHA certification, and a business who has received a 5-star rating through Envirostars, we feel we are working above and beyond basic guidelines when it comes to safety.

We are PROUD of our efforts!

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